Feeling overwhelmed?  So many helping agencies . . . 

Where do I start?  How do I translate my skills? Where do I go?

These are common questions we all ask as we transition out of the military. Like any significant life change, this transition is huge and can be frightening.

So what do I do? Attending your service transition assistance program can be a great start and we encourage you to do so. However, we found that these services do not meet many key needs that service members, veterans, and military spouses require.

To address solutions to these issues with customized resources, LifeTransition for Me was created. We are a coaching business designed to help you make informed and educated decisions at your crossroad.

Our military veteran coaches will meet you individually at your crossroad. We are good at helping you set your direction, providing training, and then connecting you to resources in the civilian employment, community, and cultural arenas. Working with a coach who knows what you are experiencing will help diminish fear and anxiety. We will help you find confidence and to be better prepared to reintegrate into the civilian community.


LifeTransition for Me also provides coaching to help college students transition in life and offers corporate and business services.