Author Marcea A. Weiss

Marcea Weiss, CEO



“Cheryl’s commitment and desire to serve veterans has been clear from the start.  Her quality focus and ability to inspire and bring a team together will ensure that LifeTransition for Me, will successfully guide veterans on their path to a successful future for years to come. 

Thank you for what you are doing, Cheryl!”



Heathr Stevens



LifeTransition for Me has given me the strength needed to believe in my abilities and self. They helped with getting me on the right track for my career path and helped me along each step of the way.”

Natalie Former Air Force Captain

Former Air Force Captain

“The day I met Cheryl Malone (via email), I thought I had simply contacted a veteran representative, but what I didn’t know was how much Cheryl was going to provide for me. I could read through her reply email just how excited she was to reply to my questions. 

From day one, Cheryl was there ready to answer my million questions and find me resources. It was a great feeling knowing that someone who didn’t know me, actually cared enough to help me out so much! Cheryl utilized her military background and her network of contacts to help me navigate through some less than usual situations . . . and she did it all with a huge (and genuine) smile on her face! 

With Cheryl’s help, my transition into civilian life was as smooth as it could be and her attitude and helpfulness inspired me to want to provide help to other veterans! Her heart is huge and she does things for the right reasons. I have no doubt that with Cheryl’s network, she would be able to find an itinerary for the next shuttle trip to the moon if a someone was looking for it. Finally, she works with more than just veterans and I’ve seen her helping out people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. This is one very genuine woman!

If you meet her, you will not regret it. I still try to find ways to pay her back for what she has provided for me. I don’t think we’ll ever be ‘even’. Thank you Cheryl, for all of the support and motivation! “



Leah Hawthorn
Owner and Trainer
ABI, advanced business
image and etiquette LLC

“The day I met Cheryl Malone was the day I knew my business was going to be a success. Ms. Malone, having a military background, was so excited about my new venture. She knew that I had to target defense and military in order to make my business the success that it now is. I never dreamed that simply from her help and connections my business was about to take off . . . and in a big way.

Cheryl is a giver and wants to see people succeed. I have never seen anything like it. She introduced me to some key people in the first few months after I opened my business, ABI, advanced business image & etiquette. Cheryl knew who my target audience was before I did. I cannot thank her enough for the success of my company. I will be forever in her debt.

Since Cheryl took me under her wing, I now train for Wright Patterson Air-force Base, Randolph Air-force Base, Defense Acquisition University’s Senior Service College Fellowship, and many corporate businesses and universities. Cheryl didn’t stop there though. She was with me all the way and still is.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Cheryl Malone and her new business, LifeTransition for Me, can consider themselves extremely fortunate. You will never find a more caring and giving professional who has your best interests at heart at all times. I have seen Cheryl connect many men and women, and successfully provide them with employment and networking opportunities that has led to their employment. LifeTransition for Me, is definitely for you!”



Tina Marker, President, Windward Design Group LLC windward-design.com

Tina Marker, President, Windward Design Group LLC

 “There are few times in business when you meet an individual who has the ability to help you grow both personally and professionally. Cheryl Malone is that person! She is exceptionally savvy in the military and business worlds, and well connected to a huge array of resources.

Always positive and caring, Cheryl’s leadership style focuses on results. She will be your secret weapon while coaching you to excel at a high level after leaving military life.

Do yourself a favor; meet Cheryl Malone at LifeTransition for Me. She can truly help you unlock the next great chapter of your life!

Thank you for protecting our freedom and your service to our country!”



Bethany Schumacher,
Doctor of Chiropractric,
Konicki Schumacher Chiropractic


“Cheryl Malone introduced me to the unknown and mysterious community of WPAFB. She has done a a fantastic job as liaison, reaching out to the business community, and creating opportunity with this enormous resource.”