Service Members

“My husband retired from the military.

We need to transition our family to civilian life.

Where do we start?”


Service Members

While serving on a base, post or at a guard or reserve unit, you have access to many transition helping agencies. Your family support office conducts the Department of Defense and Department of Veteran Administration Boot Camp (formerly TAP program).

The Military and Family Life Consultant Program offers a “Reintegration: Warrior to Citizen” session. There are also other agencies out there to help you. In your community, please contact your local veteran’s commission/veteran service office and state-operated department of veteran services.

Additional help is available through these online resources:

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Women Service Members

As a female service member or veteran, you will have specific gender-related issues that you may want to address during or after your military service. LifeTransition for Me can offer you guidance with services such as the women’s health clinic at your base or post, other service women’s associations, or through Veteran’s Affairs.

Service Member with Disability

While serving on active duty, guard or reserve unit, you may get injured and have to copy with a disability. In addition to your military medical treatment facility, the following organizations are able to assist as you recover:

MHSseal          Military OneSource 

Author Marcea A. Weiss

“Cheryl’s commitment and desire to serve veterans has been clear from the start. Her quality focus and ability to inspire and bring a team together will ensure that LifeTransition for Me, will successfully guide veterans on their path to a successful future for years to come.

Thank you for what you are doing, Cheryl!”

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