Memorial Day Veteran's Remembrance with Military Service album and flag.

“I  was discharged six months ago. I am getting frustrated with my lack of success transitioning to civilian life.

What else can I do?”



Have you just stepped outside of the gate and now are at the crossroads of entering the civilian community? Or have you been out for a while, but still need to be connected with resources or miss the camaraderie you had while in the service? We can assist you! LifeTransition for Me coaches will help you determine what direction to pursue, train you if needed, and connect you to the resources you desire. Let us customize your transition plan and help you fully bridge over to the civilian community.

Here are a few links for you to peruse:

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Women Veterans

In addition to the typical needs of veterans, there are specific needs when it comes to women veterans and service members. LifeTransition for Me has a coach who is dedicated to addressing your needs. Through coaching and resource connections, we will help you maneuver the transition.

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Veterans with Disabilities


Whether physical, mental or emotional—many of our veterans have disabilities. Here are a few agencies available to assist:

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We Remember . . . special thanks to Dwight O’Brien for this YouTube tribute to our Veterans.