Women Veterans

Women Veterans


“There is so much bureaucracy to weave through to find doors that have specific interests for women vets. It’s overwhelming!

Please tell me there’s an easier way!” 



Women Veterans

In addWoman salutingition to the typical needs of veterans, there are specific needs when it comes to women veterans and service members.

LifeTransition for Me has a coach who is dedicated to addressing your needs. Through coaching and resource connections, we will help you maneuver the transition.

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afghanistanflightThe day I met Cheryl Malone (via email), I thought I had simply contacted a veteran representative, but what I didn’t know was how much Cheryl was going to provide for me. I could read through her reply email just how excited she was to reply to my questions.

From day one, Cheryl was there ready to answer my million questions and find me resources. It was a great feeling knowing that someone who didn’t know me, actually cared enough to help me out so much! Cheryl utilized her military background and her network of contacts to help me navigate through some less than usual situations . . . and she did it all with a huge (and genuine) smile on her face!

With Cheryl’s help, my transition into civilian life was as smooth as it could be and her attitude and helpfulness inspired me to want to provide help to other veterans! Her heart is huge and she does things for the right reasons. I have no doubt that with Cheryl’s network, she would be able to find an itinerary for the next shuttle trip to the moon if a someone was looking for it. Finally, she works with more than just veterans and I’ve seen her helping out people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. This is one very genuine woman!

If you meet her, you will not regret it. I still try to find ways to pay her back for what she has provided for me. I don’t think we’ll ever be ‘even’. Thank you Cheryl, for all of the support and motivation!

– Natalie, former Air Force Captain